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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Private Investigation Industry

What is the Private Investigation Industry about? 

The private investigation industry includes a private firm with either multiple employees, a couple, or even only one. To work in the industry, you need to have a keen eye, amazing observation skills, and an analytical mind. The industry uses surveillance and investigative techniques to acquire information on the subject or specific situation. The industry has private investigators that are licensed to practice in the state where they work and could work full time, contracted to work with private detective firms, police departments, and individual clients. Some specific services that a private investigator can help clients with legal problems include background checks, child custody, business investigations, criminal defense investigation, financial fraud, infidelity, locating and interviewing witnesses, paralegal services, worker's compensation investigation, and more.

Why hire a Private Investigator?

When you are experiencing legal troubles, a Private Investigator probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. The first is the police and then probably a lawyer. When the police come to a standstill on your case during an investigation, a PI can come in to finish the job. Unfortunately, most do not go to one at all or if they do they wait until the last minute. It is common to think that once you pay the hefty sum of a retainer to your trustworthy lawyer, everything in your case is going to get taken care of without any more effort needed. However, there are times where an investigation is required to continue further in a specific case and your lawyer may not have started an investigation or even begun to look to hire a PI to help with the case. This is where you the client needs to step in to speed up the process by hiring a PI yourself. It is much better for you the client to have two separate parties (a lawyer and a PI) working separately on your case. It is better financially for a PI to do an investigation rather than a lawyer hiring a PI and then charge you their higher lawyer fee for the hours the PI completed. Also it is morally better for your case if they work separately because both parties can't help each other if mistakes are made and can watch each other's actions so the best work is created for you. If the PI is separate from the attorney, then the private investigator will ensure that the lawyer has paid attention to the evidence gathering assignment and how to implement it in the case. Do not wait until the last day before your court date to see if an investigation has started on your case.  Call us now at 714 592-8000.

There are plenty of ways a PI can assist in a case.

An example of how a private investigator could help in a legal divorce case would be: Video recording where a male client knew his wife was having an affair, but couldn't get any real evidence. They can suggest that the client goes on a short trip out of town, wait for the suspicious car to appear at the house, call the client to come back to town, and enter the house together to catch the two with a recording device. The investigator will rehearse with the client on what to say because it is important that he does not threaten the wife's lover in any way. The recorded film would be instrumental in the husband's case as it can threaten the credibility of the cheating party.