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Thursday, January 21, 2016

TSCM Bug Sweep

The revelation of who Deep Throat is, the secret information from the Watergate scandal, are examples of threats faced today known as "bugging" or as the technical term used in business call it, "technical surveillance."

What is a bug? A bug is a device/object that is hand placed by someone in a specific area that intercepts communications such as audio or even video and transmits the information out to a listening post

What is a TSCM Bug Sweep and how do we use it? TSCM stands for Technical Security Counter Measure operations and is what corporations use to perform a bug sweep in order to counter a bug. TSCM is specialized in a specific area that requires expensive equipment and we have the most advanced equipment of them all in order to provide an accurate bug sweep. The equipment requires regular updating (which ours always are) and sweeps are usually pricey, although not as expensive as how much potential losses from a bugged office could be. Some firms charge more than $10,000 for just one floor of an office building so you probably want to limit the scope of the sweep to sensitive areas. A trained private investigator with training in TCSM and bug detection techniques can sweep your house, office, or other buildings efficiently and quickly. They can also assist you to investigate how and by who the devices were placed. You most likely would want to know what they learned, who was responsible, and how you can prevent this from happening again. This is why we recommend a professional.

A sweep is operated by professional investigators who go over your security that involves phones, computers, and other potential areas for eavesdropping. Once the device is found, the investigator will help what action is best to take next. There are also many types of detection methods that are utilized by investigators. You may immediately want to have these devices removed if found, but usually the best thing to do is to use counter measures to assist gathering info on the source of the device. This lets you take the correct legal and civil actions against whoever committed the crime. The actual sweep is completed using many different techniques. Sophisticated detection tools are used to find devices that are well hidden. Visual searches are made to find other devices and computers may need to be looked at to find malware that has been installed to capture keystrokes and screen images.

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