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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flexible curved screens soon to be released


By Phil Ruddle |News Editor|

All the iPhone 5s talk about ‘forward thinking’ has been revealed in recent weeks, but everything could soon change this November once LG releases its first curved-screen smartphone.

According to Reuters.com, LG Electronics Inc’s display unit explained Monday that it will start producing in mass of curved smartphone displays to launch a smartphone with new screens next month to catch up to bigger rivals Samsung Electronics Co LTd.

LG and others market the screens as unbreakable which, if true, may revolutionize the durability of smartphones.

The display will be six inches and will contain an organic light-emmitting diode (OLED) screen.

“The introduction of OLED Technology, allowing for “fold-able” or “bendable” designs, has the potential of starting a new revolution of product development, designed around a flexible screen instead of yesterday’s rigid screens and without the need for back lights, thinner and less power hunger screens can be produced,” explains San Casas, product engineer at Intelligent Computer Solutions.

Its been rumored that Samesung will introduce their smartphone with a curved display in October, according to techcrunch.com

Its not for sure clear what the true benefits of a curved flexible display will bring, although Samsung states a curved screen would allow more viewing space in the same footprint.

Curved displays can already be found in large-screen televisions in which both LG and Samsung Electronics started selling curved OLED TV’s this year for around $9,000.

These curved displays are still in the early stages of development however feature fold-able or bendable designs that allow mobile and wearable gadgets to reach new heights and possibly change the entire smartphone market.

“It has potential to be cutting edge, but it also treads the thin line of gimmicky and its taking a big leap from what we know as the standard smart device; whether or not it garners mass appeal is yet to be determined,” explains student Andrew Reveles.

Reveles has been using smartphones since the first iPhone was released, and has constantly upgraded to next best thing since as long as the upgrade was worth the cost.

In January, Samsung showcased a couple of prototypes with a flexible screen and a display that extended from the side of a device.

Another ad also showed the consumers their possible potential vision: flexible displays on a tablet that can fold into a phone.

At first its a normal tablet, but when you fold the display from left to right, it takes the shape of a smartphone.

You can view this ad inside of Samsung’s full Keynote CES 2013 press conference at youtube.com

This could potentially launch the production of a device with a large display that can fold up to fit inside your pocket.

The issue that erupts is cost value, as technology firms have yet to find out how to mass produce the parts cheaply and come up with display panels that can be heat resistant and thin.

“Portability seems to be key to students. You can see a rise in tablets being used in classes. Should Apple, Samsung, or another company find a way to provide this at a reasonable price while maintaining product integrity it may benefit students positivity,” explains Reveles. “Gone will be the days when students will need to explain to their parents how their new phone no longer functions because they were designed with breakable displays,” said Casas.

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