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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Take notes the smart way with Evernote


By Phil Ruddle |News Editor|

Evernote is a note taking app that keeps all of your notes in a ‘cloud’ library which syncs to any device that Evernote is installed.

This tool is for any college student, it keeps all of your important files and work all in one searchable place.

Evernote lets you record audio, capture photo, video, and it keeps them all in your personal notebook library.

If you aren’t heavily invested into an ecosystem such as Apple or Microsoft products, then Evernote can be installed on any device.

It doesn’t matter whether you have Apple, Android, or Microsoft, Evernote is guaranteed to work. This note taking app is free as well.

Its hard to keep track of things as a college student, and the more things you do, the more information you’re going to have to store.

You probably have saved Microsoft Word documents on your Windows 7 computer at work, saved notes from a lecture on a laptop, pictures on your smart phone, and important files such as PDFs in your e-mail.

With Evernote you can now keep everything in one place.

The app is constructed around how fast and easily a user can capture an observation and place it into a search filing system via Evernote library.

Students may find keeping record of notes accessible through taking pictures, like documenting photos of pages from a textbook or a screen shot of lecture notes on the white board.

One interesting feature that stands out on Evernote is the document page camera.

What it does is allow you to take a picture of an item/document that contains any kind of text on it.

This could be hand written or notwhich then gets stored into the Evernote library.

You can search through your Evernote library for any word that was on the photo you took and the file of the image will instantly come up.

It will go through all the notes in your library and highlight the word in that photograph you captured.

Evernote let’s you take specific snapshots of article pages from websites with the web clipper tool.

It connects with the Google Chrome browser and lets you draw, edit, and add clip art all over the page before you save it into your Evernote library.

You can also put timers on specific notes or files to notify you at a specific day/time and never miss another assignment again.

With Evernote you can work together on a group project, store all files, study guides and notes in a shared notebook.

The shared book will keep everything that each group member does up to date and everybody in the group can access it.

They can edit, add, remove anything they want and it will all sync up automatically and get updated.

The essence of Evernote makes everything accessible all in one stop.

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