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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Goo-goo Ga-ga for Google Glasses


By Phil Ruddle | Staff Writer |

Attention nerds, techies and developers.

Google has been under development for its own ground-breaking technology device called “Google Glass.”

The much anticipated Google Glass are computerized glasses that can take pictures, video, give you directions while traveling and even translate foreign languages.

“Google is trying to incorporate the convenience factor by using an everyday accessory such as glasses,” said student Andrew Reveles.

With Glass, Google is trying to advance technology, push the limits and surpass smartphones and tablets.

It syncs up with your smart phone and you do have to have your phone with you at all times for it to work to its true potential.

The product is extremely light as it weighs about the same as a standard pair of sunglasses; it also comes with slide-in tinted lenses if you want some sun protection, or clear lenses if you want the eye-wear look.

The screen display sits right above the eye and can be adjusted by a pivoting arm.

There isn’t a set price yet, but would it be useful for college students?

“Glass isn’t necessarily something I need, but more of a ‘want,’ I wouldn’t be looking to spend more then what I would on a smart phone. I’d say the most I’d spend is around $200,” explained Reveles.

ReadWrite Technology writer Taylor Hatmaker was one of the lucky 1,000 non-Google employees to pre-order Google Glass in which she described the experience like “having a tiny TV overlay above your eye.”

You are still able to easily make eye contact with others and see the world as you would with a normal pair of glasses.

The display of Glass can be checked by simply glancing upward. To activate the screen all you have to do is a simple head nod, tap the right side or use voice control.

This device creates a new method for the usage of everyday life, but would it still be stylish for students to wear?

“I probably wouldn’t wear it as of right now, given it’s not such a mainstream product, it will garner a lot of attention. In time given that technology is advancing at such a rapid rate, I don’t think that it will look out of the norm,” said Reveles.

According to policymic.com, Google is reportedly in talks with start up eye-wear company Warby Parker to redesign the specs to make them trendier.

Students and average consumers can benefit from the product as Reveles explains, “I think the most convenient use of Glass is that the fact that it’s hands free. I could see myself using it most while driving, being able to keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road, while navigating or sending a quick message.”

Students could study notes while they walk through campus, run at the gym or doing something where you can’t use your hands.

Hanging out with someone far away for instance over video becomes a new experience as they can watch what you’re doing through full first person while you see the display of their face in the corner of your eye.

Although this product is still in its infancy Reveles thinks it has true potential.

The way you see Glass right now is in its current first generation that can be compared with the time when the original first generation iPad was released.

A consumer version will be available sometime in 2014 at an unknown set price.

A video demonstration of the product can be found directly on Google’s website google.com/glass.

Next week the Chronicle will explore the important issue of the product’s privacy.

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